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Faber-Castell 8 PITT Artist Pens In Black

Faber-Castell 8 PITT Artist Pens In Black


Faber-Castell 8 PITT Artist Pens Ink In Black 

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Ink drawings are a great way to create artwork of any kind or add a dimension to your watercolour art. An essential tool for artists and illustrators, this set of 8 PITT Artist Pens with varying line widths will form the backbone of your art tool kit and packed in a portable lightweight box. The pigmented, fast drawing ink is ideal for sketches, drawings, layouts, design and illustration.

  • 8 line widths in case: XS = 0.1 mm, S = 0.3 mm, F = 0.5 mm, M = 0.7 mm, B = brush width, 1.5 = bullet nib 1.5 mm, SB = Soft brush width, SC = Soft calligraphy nib
  • Pigmented drawing ink
  • High light resistance
  • Water-resistant, permanent
  • Odor-free, acid-free, pH neutral