Creative Experiences

Come, see and feel Mother Nature through our creative retreats, workshops, exhibitions and events, specially curated for our guests. Creating nature-inspired art experience is at the heart centre of Within. 

Under Lucinda’s stewardship, Within presents nature paired with old world charm and striking modernity with lots of heart and reverence, celebrating our love for arts and the artistry of nature.

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Workshops at Pollen

Our BOTANICAL WATRCOLOR AND MIXED MEDIA ART workshops takes place at Pollen. Pollen Restaurant at Gardens By The Bay is the ideal location in Singapore to explore nature-inspired art with Botanical Illustrator Lucinda Law.

The session begins with a tour of the Flower Dome where the participants look for inspirations for drawing. It is followed by a plant identification tour guided by Lucinda. Then comes the production phase where we sit for our botanical watercolor and mixed media art learning and painting session. Drawing inside the Flower Dome amidst breathtaking nature inspirations is a cherish-able experience.

We also serve complimentary Pollen breakfast and tea/coffee to our guests. This series is not just another art workshop but a wholesome package of natural retreat and art. Come be a part of it. Sign up for our upcoming sessions on this series. Click here for our latest teaching schedule.

Bespoke Classes

At Within, we like to provide special care to our endearing guests. If you have a particular set of sessions in mind as per what you want to learn or indulge in, we would love to develop Bespoke Classes only for you. These sessions are tailor-made to cater to specific needs of guests. Be it about botanical painting techniques, nature-inspired illustrations or any other form of creative experiential learning , tell us what you want and we will create it for you.


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Creative Retreats

Within stands for everything nature, we believe in bringing people closer to the serene beauty of botanicals, the vivid vibrance of flora, the rich greeneries of plants. To fulfil this mission, we organise creative retreats to havens of nature in different parts of the world. We invite with love, our guests who care for the beautiful world of plants, flowers and wildlife. We gather and spend days together basking in the laps of nature’s unleashed glory while we paint, explore our creative confidence and experience heightened awareness of the wonders of Mother Nature.


Painting and creating nature-inspired art is the soul of Within. Lucinda Law’s work ranges between the realms of analog and digital. She is commissioned by clients for creation of contextual art for events and exhibitions at public spaces like creative content and art display at Changi Airport and art installations during Light of the Nights festivals at National Gallery Singapore. She has also been commissioned by Hilton Hotel, Garden Wing of Fullerton Hotel, Keepers and Multiply and Majestic Hotel (defunct) for such nature-inspired art projects.

Her most recent art display, which was attended by some great nature patrons, art enthusiasts, scientists and creatives concluded in the spectacular venue of The Ironwood Gallery in Chiang Mai, Thailand.




Within presents nature with heart, reverence and lots of charm. People are fascinated by the wonders of nature and there are so many stories that we love to share ti connect an audience of all ages from various cultural backgrounds. We understand that events help the cause and hence, time and again we collaborate with brands and clients to organise events with nature as their focus.

Educational Programmes

Within envisions a world that is educated about nature and aware to the sensitivity of it. We plan on launching an array of educational programs about nature-led art, wildlife conservation and botanical painting among other things. We are developing a streamlined course that will be out there soon for kids and adults alike.