January 8 2018


I must confess that until my photo shoot with Lucinda at a suitably verdant Lloyd’s Inn, we had never before met. I discovered her a while ago by way of Instagram (what did I tell you?), and I have been a fan since. Hers is an inspired, earnest and foliaceous feed that would draw you in deeper and deeper like an enchanted forest. Some snooping and a little thing called instinct told me there’s something special about this woman. Just like that, I took a chance and made a cold call. As she varooms into the hotel on her Vespa, as she removes her helmet to reveal a bare face with nary a trace of make-up on her caramel-coloured skin and walks towards me, everything feels exactly right.

“Hello, Karman.” 

The Law of nature has spoken.

I thought, how very lovely if I could paint orchids and plants for a living when I grew up.


10 MARCH 2016

First artist to illustrate Harper’s BAZAAR Singapore cover

The phone call from BAZAAR to work on the February issue was completely unexpected and I was overjoyed. I was immediately inspired, because it merges my passion for the arts, design, fashion, culture and botany. I’m a self-confessed enthusiast of the natural history of flora and fauna, so this is a dream theme for me; I wanted something that celebrates this idea of Old World beauty that’s, in its special way, making a resurgence.

The process was rather tactile. First, I traced and observed the lines and curves of the font and logo up-close (I’ve always admired art director Alexey Brodovitch, who innovated BAZAAR‘s iconic Didot logo). Then, I researched the species of plants that I wanted to include. I chose climbers and vine plants because I love how they not only have a fairytale-like beauty about them, but have one of the most amazing abilities in nature to grow upwards in tendrils towards precious sunlight. I also interviewed my sister, a plant expert and gardener, who presented an extensive list of climber plants to me.

It took about 230 hours to paint for this project.

The pazzion

issue 03 2018

Empowering through self-care

Awareness and mindfulness allow me to design my own life with greater clarity. I focus on how I want to live my life because this life is only mine to control. I find the most optimal way to live my life and my interactions with other people. In so doing, I respect others and how they want to live their lives. I am an empowered woman because I empower other women.

Self-care is about looking after yourself in mind, body, emotion and spirit.”

The Roads we take

The Birthday Book 2018

Go Within

In the road ahead, I am guided by how I can live my life closer to nature and how my work can help others to do the same. Being in harmony and synchronicity with nature helps us all to live more creative and fulfilled lives. In this way, there is also an assuring sense that you will always have a sanctuary within you. This belief grounds me as an artist and as an advocate for facilitating knowledge about creativity and nature. Being committed to spending the rest of my life depicting and talking about the beauty of nature and how to nurture a creative holistic life for others, truly makes me happy. The rest is up to nature.

“When the opportunity of a sabbatical arose, I felt drawn to be immersed in nature, so I heeded the urgings of my instincts that went, travel solo, go into nature, relax and just be.”

The business times

February 2, 2018

Beauty of biodiversity in Singapore flora Through an Art-Science Perspective

Inspired by her botanical illustrations, at London’s Kew Gardens, Lucinda has created a botanical plate which documents the beauty of biodiversity found in the flora of Singapore through an art-science perspective. She sees plants as a living continuum and is fascinated by the role of plants in our cultural history. Through her art commissions and creative retreats, she hopes to inspire others to not just appreciate nature more, but to be sensitive to the need to preserve and restore the biodiversity of plants.

“Lucinda talks about Singapore flora”