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Botanical Floral Watercolour & Illustration Course and Workshops: Fascinating Orchids

Your workshop learning journey: Spend an inspirational art session creating attractive botanical and floral art in watercolour in the studio of a full-time botanical artist in Little India. Each of the weekly workshops is underpinned by incremental learning objectives to develop areas of technical skills such as pencil illustration, colours mixing, brushworks, etc. You'll get to paint a variety of thematic flora and foliage through close guidance with step-by-step instructions, notes and live demonstrations. The workshop are suitable for absolute beginners or art practitioners who are new to watercolour. You'll also get a complimentary starter kit by Faber-Castell if you sign up for the 4 or 8-week course. 

Theme for the week: Fascinating Orchids. Orchids are the largest and most diverse plant families, so expect to leanr about some of the beautifully strange orchids.

Your teacher: Workshops and courses are taught by Lucinda Law, a full-time botanical artist with a Masters in Fine Arts. She is also an arts/design lecturer with more than 1 years teaching experiences and the founding director of Within, a nature-led creative studio. Clients list includes: Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Harper's Bazaar Singapore/ India, Chanel, Aesop, Bentley, Kate Spade, Melissa shoes, Clinique, Uniqlo, Clarins, Ecosperity, GuocoLand, etc. Whether you’re picking up botanical watercolour as a new hobby or wish to develop your skills in watercolour, Lucinda is a dedicated teacher to help you in your creative practice. She uses a range of holistic teaching practices, application of technical knowledge and references to ethno-botanical study to cultivate an art practice that is strong in technical development, meditative, filled with mindfulness and appreciation of the nature world around us for our well-being. 

Learning methods: In a single visit session, you'll learn introductory steps to create an artwork in basic loose watercolour style. If you like to develop your experience with watercolour through consistent and regular practice o create a range of artworks in various techniques for your own pleasure and work, you're welcome to join our 4 or 8-Week Watercolour Course or a more immersive programme into nature and art. We’ve also created watercolour study guide exclusively for your learning journey. You may also get a chance to go on botanical study field trips. 

Incremental learning structure underpinning each workshop: 

  • Tonal Values
  • Compositions
  • Pencil illustration
  • Materials usage and nowledge
  • Colour theory and mixing
  • Watercolour brush techniques
  • Blending techniques
  • Shape and form
  • Case studies of botanical artists 

Class Schedule: Our classes are held on Friday and Saturday, 10:30am ­to 1:00pm (2.5 hrs).

Materials: All materials and tools will be provided for your first lesson, a materials list will also be given and you will be required to purchase them by your second lesson.

We also hold themed workshops for private groups and corporations that will enjoy an exclusive creative session with us in the studio or at a preferred venue. 

For bookings, registration or any enquiries, please email us at go@within.sg