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Botanical Foliage watercolour Series: Monstera

What to expect: The Monstera deliciosa (Araceae), is also commonly known as the Swiss Cheese Plant, simply perks up a space. Green up your afternoon with splashes and washes from a spectrum of soothing green that's great for the eyes and heart. This class is aimed at beginners and guests who just want to start painting something for themselves or as gifts for loved ones. In this observational painting class, we'll begin with a quick introduction to the botanist painter's choices of yellows and blues from Winsor & Newton that will produced the most natural greens in botanical paintings. Once the colours are 'prepared', you'll learn to sketch from the monstera leaves that are prepared for you and which you'll get to bring home at the end of the class. You'll also learn two watercolour techniques and work towards the completion of two postcard size paintings of these beautiful leaves, signed by you. This is a popular class for an intimate class size for 10 people only. Bring a friend and enjoy the Get-Creative-Together special discount.

What you'll bring home: 2 botanical watercolour paintings (1 A4 & 1 post-card size), 1 monstera leaf (keep them away from your curious pets), 1 watercolour paint box containing at least 6 watercolours from Winsor & Newton and 1 brush. 

Book a space via paypal via the link below