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What is this about?

The path to restoration and transformation from anxiety and depression can often feel lonely and uninspiring. This wellness talk organised and moderated by Ferina Natasya (Musings off the Mat) and Lucinda Law (WITHIN), aims to introduce creative ideas about healing by exploring the vital healing properties of Nature as a way to tap into your inner sources of strength. During the three-hour session, we’ll use the growth of a tree as a metaphor to guide the garden scape of the mind, body and spirit.

We’ve also invited three speakers who will speak about therapeutic flower elixirs, harmonising gut-mind relationship and dynamic yoga respectively. We’ve also scheduled time and breathing space for you to observe, reflect and share your experiences. We believe in providing and upholding a safe and compassionate space for healing conversations or inner reflections to take place. This event is free and by donation only, any amount of your token of appreciation will be accepted with gratitude.


What are the activities?:

Think of it as a friend’s get-together in a cosy living room where we chat, share and find practical solutions to live our lives better. Ferina and Lucinda will be using the tree as a metaphor to guide the common stages for a healing journey. For example, we will start the session by introducing the idea of how initial seeding of thoughts (regardless of its quality) take roots and grow stronger.  As gardeners of our mind and emotional landscape, we look at our responsibilities in learning new ways to nurture our well-being by co-operating with Nature’s law which is inherently part of us too. Each introduction of a topic is followed by a talk and a short sharing session. At the end of the day, we hope you’ll find the support, encouragement and information that will inspire changes to boost your optimal overall health. 

We believe that Nature is one of the most efficient and gentlest antidote of healing. Hence, the three talks that we’ve have specially curated for you speak about the nature’s unifying role in connecting the mind, body and spirit. We’ll begin with Linda Haden of Esoteric Remedies who will talk about flower therapy and flower elixirs as powerful yet gentle way to heal. Pooja Vig of The Nutrition Clinic will lead you through the gut-mind connection and how the use of natural supplements and nutrition knowledge affect for our physical and mental health. Lastly, Gauri, a yoga instructor who focuses her teaching on healing anxiety and depression through dynamic yoga and pranayama (breathing), explains why this form of practice works best to calm racing thoughts, promote faster restful sleep and motivate creativity and productivity. 

Who is this for?: 

Everyone, at some point in their life, have experienced high-stress levels. Whether you’ve recently experienced a spike in stressed levels triggered by singular or multiple pivotal life events/changes, or have been looking for healthier and more natural options to live a well-balanced life, we hope these sessions will provide awareness, acknowledgements, insights and inspirations on how to cope with anxiety and/or depression, not just for the ones going through it, but also for the ones who have been observing, nurturing and attending to them. We invite you and your care-giver to come as a pair and share your journey. 


What makes this special?:

This collaborative effort flourished  because of Ferina (MOTM) and Lucinda (WITHIN) shared passion for awakening, maintaining and optimising the wellness within all of us in natural and holistic ways. The idea of this talk strengthened and shaped quickly in our brief, but genuine and heartfelt sharing of our personal responses and responsibilities for our healing journeys, and the ways we cope with stress and life unexpected changes. The talk is free and we accept any token of appreciation with gratitude. We want this to be a place of service, a place to facilitate and simply encourage a better way of living. We’ve designed and prepared activities for you to commemorate your experiences during this talk. Refreshments (fruits, tumeric & lemongrass drink) will also be served during the talk. At the end of the session, you'll also be given a recommended list of books, links, counselling centres, etc. 

What is the class size and what are the booking details?:

20 pax. The talk gets booked up pretty quickly and we encourage you to write to us so that even if this talk is filled up, we’ll be able to inform you about the upcoming one. You can send your enquiries and booking to: hello@musingsoffthemat.com and go@within.sg

Please provide us with the details of you and your care-givers name, gender, age and 1-3 brief pointers why you’re attending the talk. All details are confidential and treated with sensitivity and respect. 


Who are the speakers?:

Ferina Natasya, Founder of Musings Off The Mat 

Musings Off The Mat is a lifestyle focused blog on cultivating holistic wellness. I work through consistent, preventative actions that cultivate a clarity of mind, strength of body, and our own power within. A soulful-led quest to create this online space - a place of overflowing insights, perspectives and other curated inspiration on wellness, green beauty, design, nutrition, and travel. www.musingsoffthemat.com

Laura Ramirez, Founder of Yoga for Health & Healing 

Laura Ramirez, known as Gauri is originally from Costa Rica. As founder of Yoga for Health & Healing and works, she works as Reiki Master Teacher, Counselor and Yoga Therapist. She uses Yoga Therapy and Reiki as tools to understand and heal patients suffering from different psychosomatic diseases but specializes in CFS, PTSD, Anxiety & Depression and Cancer.http://www.yogaforhealthandhealing.com/

Linda Haden, Founder of Esoteric Remedies.

Esoteric Remedies believes that orthodox medicine does not have all the answers. The mind, body and soul are intrinsically linked, and negative thoughts, preconceptions and emotions can harm one's health, manifesting as debilitating physical symptoms, for which there sometimes isn't any obvious or logical cause. We help you to become calm, confident and centered by giving you the fundamental tools to build a tailored self-care regime incorporating a combination of natural remedies and holistic techniqus. Self-care is a must for modern women in order to give, one must take time out to self-reflect and recharge. http://www.esotericremedies.com/


Lucinda Law, Founder of WITHIN

Lucinda Law is a writer/editor, educator and artist. Her creative spectrum of professional work and artistic practice originates from her versatility in bridging theoretical and practice-led expressions based on a range of contemporary cultural lifestyle issues and topics rooted in art, design, communication, travel, nature and creativity. With a BA in English Language and Literature and a MA in Fine Arts, Lucinda is also well-versed in various holistic practices and believes in Nature’s intrinsic role in cultivating and embodying creativity. At WITHIN, she is passionate about fostering the ideal environment for creativity and beauty to flourish. www.within.sg

Pooja Vig, Co-founder of The Nutrition Clinic 

Pooja studied microbiology and worked in the healthcare industry for 15 years. A personal health experience, the illness of a loved one, drove her to understand how everyday choices that we make seriously affect our health. This led her to the field of Nutrition and FunctionalMedicine. In addition to an BSc. in Microbiology, Pooja has an advanced diploma in Nutrition and has specialised in Functional Medicine which is focused on discovering and treating the underlying causes opposed to focusing on the symptoms alone. Pooja is a strong advocate of personalised nutrition, based on the needs of each individual’s lifestyle and their genetics. http://thenutritionclinic.com.sg/

Disclaimer: This event represents person/s unique experiences in overcoming depression holistically. This does not constitute professional advice. Please consult a qualified professional for a treatment plan if you feel you have a serious condition and need help. This is also a private space and all sharing or conversation shared will be kept confidential. 


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