Art of Nature Journeys

Art of Nature Journeys are once-in-a-lifetime full-immersion travel experiences, dedicated to creativity, cultural discovery and connecting to Mother Nature and ourselves. 

Journey with us at Within on these highly inspiring, multi-sensory and insightful art holidays in unexplored destinations close to nature. 

Awaken and nurture the creativity within and restore rejuvenation through our customised programme of workshops and experiences unique to each journey ... 

Creative Retreat Launch

"Light is therefore colour" - Joseph Mallord Turner.

The Art of Nature Journeys: Creative Retreat Launch Party is finally here. Be the first to experience an immersive nature-fulfilled & holistic art holiday with me.

Here’s what you’ll experience at the launch party:

* 1 x 30 mins creative workshops led by Lucinda

* Full itineraries for Chiang Mai Nov 2018 & Hawaii Feb/Mar 2019

* Goodie bags from Diptyque, Faber-Castell & more.

* Afternoon tea treats